8 Places To Host Your DJ Mixes Online For Free

I’ve been hosting my dj mixes online for years. Before I discovered Soundcloud, I uploaded my house mixes to Podomatic. I’ve long since stopped using Podomatic once I discovered and started using Soundcloud. I found Soundcloud to be far more superior than the other platform. Even with the risk of my mixes being taken down, I loved Soundcloud. That was then.

The Love Is Gone

Today, DJs and producers are shutting down their Soundcloud accounts and going elsewhere because they’re fed up with their content being taken down. Many of my mixes have been removed due to the site’s copyright infringement terms. Yet, I’m still with them. I even have a paid pro subscription which gets me unlimited storage space and insights about my listeners.

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What I valued most about my Soundcloud Pro subscription was the group feature which allowed me to add my mixes to the maximum of 75 related groups. Sharing my mixes to groups greatly increased my plays, likes, new followers and comments. In the summer of 2016, Soundcloud removed this feature from their website and my plays, likes, new followers and comments have dropped dramatically. I ask myself, “Why am I still paying for this shit?”

DJs, I think it’s time to explore other hosting alternatives just in case we have to jump ship on Soundcloud. I’ve done some research and here’s 8 places to host your DJ mixes online for free. The list is in no particular order and I chose to include Soundcloud, despite my own biases.

  1. Mixcloud
  2. Podomatic
  3. Soundclick
  4. Hearthis.at
  5. Bandcamp
  6. Beatport Mixes
  7. Soundcloud
  8. House-Mixes.com.

Based on my research, I’m thinking about changing over to Mixcloud. What platform(s) are you using to host your DJ mixes? What’s working for you and why? Please leave a comment.